Men's Health Checks

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Why should I have a men’s health check?

Men still die on average 6 years earlier than women. They indulge in “riskier” lifestyles and have 3 times the risk of suicide, often at the most productive stage of their lives. Men consult their GPs less frequently and may feel that NHS primary care has become much more “female focused”, with fewer male GPs and even fewer clinics offered for male problems. GPs actually receive greater payments for female related services - such as contraception, cervical smears, breast checks and maternity care - explaining why they might provide the current services. Men often find it difficult to make appointments due to work and therefore present too late when problems should have been addressed much earlier.

Surely an Over 40 check from my GP will suffice?

These checks were drawn up as part of the GP contract, but have now been delegated to nurses or even pharmacists, in some cases. Sensitive issues are usually overlooked as everybody seems too “busy” and subjects such as erectile dysfunctions or “waterworks” problems are often overlooked or dismissed as being “age related”. The emphasis is on the “bread and butter” issues such as blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. The agenda is more often that of the GP practice than the patient.

Surely a good BUPA check will sort it all out?

Once again BUPA checks are usually conducted by nurses, and at best, a doctor might summarise the findings at the end. These medicals usually follow a pre-defined script and are rarely personalised. Once again, these medicals will focus mainly on the “bread and butter” health issues. Unfortunately, despite spending over £500, men are rarely asked about sexual function or the quality of their relationship. They are very unlikely to get their testosterone level measured and hence frequently lead to incomplete diagnoses. Many men attend these expensive medicals and feel that their real concerns were not addressed.

What is different about a Men’s Health Check at Newson Health?

Newson Health offer assessment by an expert in men’s health, with many years’ experience of dealing with issues that are important to men and at a price comparable with the BUPA charges. All men will receive a comprehensive assessment of sexual function and hormonal assessment with the facilities in-house to deal with all relevant findings. There will also be a comprehensive cardiovascular assessment, including blood tests and ECG, with the facility to refer to cardiologists, urologists or other consultants if required. In many cases, treatment provided in the clinic will be covered by most private health care providers, as are the services of Professor Hackett. Many of the required lifestyle changes can be supported within the clinic.

Essentially, we address your health needs and requirements, not the agenda of the nurse or clinician.

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