Just a Tiny Prick

The latest book from Sex Tsar, Professor Geoffrey Hackett

Professor Hackett's new book, Just a Tiny Prick, gives readers a unique insight into the life of the Sex Tsar. A roller coaster ride revealing day to day secrets of the crazy world of a NHS sex specialist.

Just a Tiny Prick, Professor Geoffrey Hackett     Just a Tiny Prick, Professor Geoffrey Hackett

Learn what it takes to run a successful "Small Penis Clinic" or master the controls of the "Ejaculometer". Follow the strange path through medical school and 168 hour per week hospital jobs that took the Tsar to such heights.

Marvel at some of the weirdest medical research ever published. Master the best techniques for sex in a MRI scanner and learn how to save lives through sex, whilst looking 10 years longer.

Enjoy exotic international locations and discover nothing runs smoothly travelling with the Sex Tsar. Learn what it takes to be a top judge at the world masturbation championships. Indulge all your guilty pleasures.

The final chapter, Serious Stuff, provides a unique evidence-based approach for men and women on how to be happier, healthier and live longer. This is the only guide to healthy living that you will ever need.

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